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Family Law

Attorney Nicole Alvarez handles all of her cases with compassion, dedication and integrity. She will help you understand your legal situation, options and rights. With a solid background in all areas of family law, Ms. Alvarez can utilize a variety of tools and tactics available to you, including mediation, arbitration and litigation. Of course, some issues like adoption require specific attention not usually related to conflict resolution.

Spousal Support Alimony

For many, this support helps survive after the significant lifestyle changes divorce brings. Florida law provides for multiple types of spousal support, including alimony as transitional relief while restarting as a single person. Temporary alimony provides support only through the signing of the official divorce decree. Durational support lasts only as long as the marriage itself. Permanent spousal support offers a similar lifestyle as was lived during the marriage until the supported former spouse remarries or changes circumstances in other ways.

We are here to help you understand your rights to spousal support or what you may need to provide to your former spouse if you earned the higher income in your marriage. Although divorce is naturally a period of great stress, Ms. Alvarez ensures your rights are maintained and that you receive or pay a fair amount for support.

Property Settlement Agreements

Attempting to prepare your own agreement can compromise the protection of your interests. You may not realize the implications of agreeing to certain provisions, or you may unintentionally exclude a necessary condition. We have the experience to ensure that you enter into agreements that protect your current and future interests.

When both parties sign a Property Settlement Agreement, it is considered a contract. When it is filed with the Court, and a Judge endorses a final order of divorce, it becomes a Court Order as an attachment to the Divorce Order. There are options to enforce an existing agreement if necessary. If you have difficulty enforcing your Property Settlement Agreement, attorney Nicole Alvarez can assist you with enforcing your agreement.

Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements

These agreements also provide peace of mind, clarity, transparency and a sense of control at a time in marriage when making decisions proves easier and peaceful. Although celebrities and the wealthy paved the way for the popularity of prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, anyone can have one. You do not need to have many assets or substantial income. Instead, these agreements help you protect what you have going into a marriage, just as they protect what you build throughout your time as a couple.

A prenup protects your children's financial future, estates or inheritances. It also protects your business, intellectual property, inheritance, retirement plan, trusts and holdings before or after matrimony. You can ensure a spouse's debt does not affect your financial standing after marriage, too. We can help you understand what a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement can do for you and represents you throughout the process. Attorney Nicole Alvarez can draft a confidential, secure agreement specifying the division of assets, debt and an estate before or after you walk down the aisle.

Domestic Violence

You don't want to be on the receiving end of an injunction (restraining order) either. Here are just a few examples of what you could be accused of:

Assault, Battery or Aggravated Assault
Sexual Assault or Sexual Battery
Threats, Harassment or Intimidation
Stalking or Aggravated Stalking
False Imprisonment
Child Abduction or Kidnapping

As per Coral Gables criminal defense attorney Nicole Alvarez, an injunction can separate you from your family and exclude you from your home. You might be ordered to pay child support while being forbidden from seeing your children. Then, you can be sentenced to attend and satisfactorily complete a batterers program for acts of alleged violence that you never committed. You'll also be required to surrender any firearms or dangerous weapons in your possession to the police.

If you've been accused of domestic violence, contact us right away. False allegations of domestic violence are made every day.

Child Support

The primary reason for Florida child support is to ensure families remain financially whole after divorce or when parents otherwise end their relationship. Because these laws are complex, you need the help and guidance of a qualified child support lawyer. We provide the Florida child support representation you need to ensure your rights are respected throughout the court process.

Most parents need a child support lawyer multiple times in their minor child's life, such as during divorce and when establishing, changing or enforcing child support arrangements. Attorney Nicole Alvarez gains a deep understanding of your family law needs and helps you through all aspects of your child support case. We can help you take matters back to court if you need support modification or the financially supportive parent stops making arranged payments. The law offices of Nicole Alvarez represent parents on either side of the child support issue. Whether you expect to be providing this support or need to receive it for your child, call the law office for a consultation today.


The court resolve matters related to the paternity of children with the child's best interests in mind. So, in these legal, financial, biological and emotional matters, you need to ensure your rights and interests have a voice, too. Attorney Nicole Alvarez is experienced in helping clients through paternity matters. These cases include establishing paternity, resolving conflicts, negotiating settlements, disputing paternity or obtaining financial support.

Cases involving children prove both complex and emotional. It is why you need a qualified Florida paternity lawyer by your side. You should obtain this consultation and representation as early in your case as possible to protect your rights and interests under state laws. Whether you are the mother, father, step-parent, or legal guardian of a minor child in Florida, talk to attorney Nicole Alvarez about your paternity situation and needs. Call the law offices of Nicole Alvarez now for a consultation.

Interstate Custody & Relocations

Most importantly, what the court examines in these cases is how to meet your child's best interests in interstate custody and relocation case. The State of Florida approaches parenting plans and custody matters with the primary goal of instilling routine, balance and a positive sense of security in your children. When you experience life changes, such as a work relocation or move out of state, you must revise your parenting plan and child custody agreement. If you are setting up child custody for the first time and one parent or guardian lives out of state, interstate custody requires special consideration, too. Contact attorney Nicole Alvarez to discuss your interstate custody or relocation needs with a lawyer experienced, knowledgeable and trained in these matters.

Dissolution Of Marriage

We will assist you in understanding your legal options and how to proceed in your case while protecting your rights, particularly when you and your spouse disagree. Your divorce attorney sees the bigger picture of your situation and knows aspects of divorce that cause problems for people in the years after ending a marriage.

It is imperative to consult a quality lawyer when you have assets and property in your marriage. These matters become complex as couples divide assets like savings accounts, real estate, business interests, investments and retirement funds. Of course, having minor children with your spouse means you must work to resolve child custody matters, such as child support, parenting plans and visitation.

By engaging the help of an experienced divorce lawyer early in your case, you avoid agreeing to things you will regret later. Attorney Nicole Alvarez also helps you maintain peace of mind throughout these challenging life changes.


Attorney Nicole Alvarez provides the support and representation you need to get through adoption with less stress. We will work hard to help you add to your family, whether you seek to adopt a stepchild, grandchild, foster child or one from an agency. You can start focusing on preparing your home for a lifetime of joy, laughter and memories, not figuring out the complexities of Florida laws.

Adoption is a beautiful solution for couples unable to conceive but still wanting to build a family. We can help you understand the process during this exciting time, whether it is your first choice to adopt or you want to consider other options like surrogacy. You want to enjoy the sound of little feet in your home and spend years making memories as a family unit. So, start these memories off right, with the help you need to keep stress low during adoption.

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