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How I Make A Difference In Your Legal Matter

I am attorney Nicole Alvarez, founder of Law Offices of Nicole Alvarez P.A. I have over 17 years of legal experience representing clients in a broad range of legal issues in and outside of Florida courtrooms. Whether you are struggling with a divorce dispute, immigration or a citizenship application, or you are facing criminal charges, I can represent you. I take an assertive, strategic and professional approach to each of these areas of the law.

I am proud to offer my clients in Miami-Dade County compassionate and dedicated services throughout the process. I do everything possible to make myself available to my clients because I care about their well-being. I will advocate for you and guide you through the various challenges in your case.

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Finding Effective, Viable Solutions To Legal Problem

I understand the risks and challenges you face with a legal issue. With my knowledge, resources and skills, I will diligently examine your case and conduct the necessary research and interviews to develop a strategic plan that is strong and unique to your individual case. I can fight and protect your rights in legal issues involving:

• Family law
• Immigration
• Criminal law

Attempting to represent yourself in these cases can leave you overwhelmed with frustrated feelings, disappointment, and life-changing results and consequences. My goal as your legal representation is to help you avoid costly mistakes while pursuing the ideal outcome in your case.

Don’t Risk Your Future. Call Me.

When clients come to me for legal assistance, I offer them peace of mind, knowing that someone is looking after their best interests with quality and professional representation. I am an experienced, patient and trustworthy lawyer who will stand by your side to defend your rights and future. While I am working on your case, you will be able to spend time with your loved ones and see to other important concerns in your life.

If you are ready to schedule your initial consultation with me to discuss your case and how I can help you, call my Miami office at 305-440-0736 or send me a direct message. Now is the best time to reach out if you need legal advice or think you might need it, so act today.