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Keeping Child And Spousal Support Honest

Under Florida state law, child support is an ongoing payment made periodically by one parent, depending on which parent has the higher income and the amount of time each parent is caring for the child. This support pays for the child’s basic needs, such as housing, utilities, food and clothing. This money is not taxed by the state.

A spousal support order is more precarious, as such support is not required in a divorce and is not determined by a formula. A payment of support from one spouse to another can depend on the length of the marriage, each spouse’s needs and their contributions to the marriage.

At my firm, the Law Offices of Nicole Alvarez P.A., I know that determining and enforcing child support and spousal support payments can be stressful and emotional. As your family law attorney, I will listen, answer questions and learn how I can help you secure the child and spousal support arrangement that accurately reflects the facts in your divorce.

Making Child Support Easier

The primary reason for Florida child support is to ensure families remain financially whole after divorce or when parents otherwise end their relationship. Because these laws are complex, I will guide you through the ever-changing legal system with professionalism, integrity and quality child support representation. As a Florida child support lawyer, I strive to ensure your rights are respected throughout the court process.

Most parents need a child support lawyer multiple times in their minor child’s life, such as during divorce and when establishing, changing or enforcing child support arrangements. I have a deep understanding of your family law needs and can help you through all aspects of your child support case.

I can help you take matters back to family court if you need support modification or the financially supportive parent stops making arranged payments. The represent parents on either side of the family law issue. Whether you expect to be providing this support or need to receive it for your child.

Don’t Let Spousal Support Add Stress

Spousal support, also called alimony or maintenance in Florida, is one of the first concerns for many of my clients when discussing divorce. Spousal support provides a former spouse with financial resources to rebuild a life after the end of a marriage. These resources come from the spouse who earned more money or provided for the household during the relationship.

For many, this support helps them survive after the significant lifestyle changes divorce brings. Florida law provides for multiple types of spousal support, including alimony as transitional relief while restarting as a single person. Temporary alimony provides support only through the signing of the official divorce decree. Durational support lasts only as long as the marriage itself. Permanent spousal support offers a similar lifestyle as was lived during the marriage until the supported former spouse remarries or changes circumstances in other ways.

I am here to help you understand your rights to spousal support, duration of spousal support or what you may need to provide to your former spouse if you earned the higher income in your marriage. Although divorce is naturally a period of great stress, I ensure your rights are maintained and you receive or pay a fair amount for support.

Removing The Distance Caused By Interstate Parenting

Both child and spousal support determinations rely heavily on parenting plans for time-sharing with children. This can be complicated when parents live in different areas.

What the court examines in interstate custody and relocation cases is how to meet your child’s best interests. The state of Florida approaches parenting plans and custody matters with the primary goal of instilling routine, balance and a positive sense of security in your children. When you experience life changes, such as a work relocation or move out of state, you must revise your parenting plan and child custody agreement.

If you are setting up child custody for the first time and one parent or guardian lives out of state, interstate custody requires special consideration, too. Contact me to discuss your interstate custody or relocation needs with a lawyer who is experienced, knowledgeable and trained in these matters.

Get Custom-Tailored Representation For Your Child Now

I know the stress family law cases create for my clients and family their members, especially in cases involving children. When you need someone to help you confidently pursue the outcome you need in your divorce, let me be that attorney.

I have in-depth knowledge, resources and experience in representing several clients with a wide range of child and spousal support issues. Resolving your legal concerns and getting your family back to living their life as soon as possible are my priorities. Call my Miami office at 305-440-0736 or email me if you are ready to begin resolving your child support and alimony needs.